Sights and Attractions

The architecture in Zeitz reflects more than a 1000 years of history and offers sights and attractions for visitors and inhabitants. The sights of today’s town illustrate all epochs of urban history.

Church St. Michael  Garden of Monastery Posa 

For nearly 600 years Zeitz was a residence town of bishops. During this time important buildings were constructed such as the Church "St. Michael", the Cathedral "St. Peter and Paul" and the Franciscan Monastery. The former Benedictine Monastery "Posa" east of the town once was the starting point of the winegrowing tradition around Zeitz. Another famous tradition during the Middle Ages was the brewing of beer. To store and to mature the beer a multitude of cellars, vaults and passageways were constructed underneath the town mainly in the 15th and 16th century. Today it is possible to visit this unique underground passageway system called "Unterirdisches Zeitz".

Gate House of Mortizburg Castle  Park of Moritzburg Castle 

The dukes of the former duchy Saxony-Zeitz took their residence in the building, that’s today known as "Moritzburg Castle". The castle itself was built in the 17th century. Together with the Cathedral "St. Peter and Paul" and the fascinating park of the "Moritzburg Castle", this sight forms an unique cultural-historical centre in southern Saxony-Anhalt. The "Moritzburg Castle" complex located not far from the historic town centre is site of the "Straße der Romanik" ("Romanesque Road") and the project "Gartenträume" ("Garden Dreams"), which unites the most popular and most beautiful historic parks in the Federal state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Loading Station of the Briquette Factory Herrmannschacht  Town Hall 

The briquette factory "Herrmannschacht" gives insights into the industrial culture of the formerly important industrial town Zeitz. Today the building is regarded as the oldest remaining briquette factory in the world and is used as an industrial museum. Just like the other sights it is literally worth seeing. 

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