Zeitz - A Place for the Future

The old town of Zeitz is situated in the South of Saxony-Anhalt sitting at the crossroads between the Federal States of Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia. Zeitz offers exceptional infrastructure for investors such as an excellent access to three Federal roads (B2, B91 and B180), vicinity to three important Federal motorways (A4, A9 and A38), to the International Airport Halle / Leipzig and to the airport Altenburg. Other favourable conditions for investments are developed industrial areas and a potential of highly qualified labour.

Modern Industrial Plants of the Suedzucker Enterprise
Prams - A Long Tradition in Zeitz

Zeitz looks back on a long and successful industrial tradition. Key industries included the production of prams, machines, pianos, the chemical and mining industries, as well as the cultivation and processing of sugar beets. Major structural changes in the economy and the companies during the German reunification led to declines in production and employment. Some of the former state-owned enterprises, however, have successfully adapted to the market economy. Today the economic structure of the town is dominated by small and medium-sized companies, which represent a wide-ranging variety of different products, from the food sector and agriculture to the construction industry, logistics, trade and services. 

Bioethanol Plant  Foundry Zeitzer Guss 

Another major focus of the region is the development of the 220 ha-sized Industrial Park Zeitz at the former location of the hydrogenation plant. One of the biggest investments has taken place on the former site of the "Südzucker AG" in Zeitz, where a bioethanol plant started production in 2005. Approximately 700,000 tons of wheat are processed into 260,000 m3 of ecologically friendly bioethanol fuel each year. In 2008 a second plant has started production. One milestone in the revitalisation of the traditional metalworking industry in Zeitz was the development of the foundry "Zeitzer Guss GmbH" in 2007. This company used available logistical and structural resources of the well-known formerly state-owned "Zemag" enterprise. 

Public Services Enterprise  Moritzburg Castle 

To improve its infrastructure, the town of Zeitz is participated in various programmes, that already have positive results in the quality of life in the historic town centre but also in underprivileged urban areas around. The building of a new bypass was another measure to improve the overall infrastructure and access to Zeitz. Beside its economic features, Zeitz offers a lot of unique cultural-historical attractions and opportunities to spend time as well as social institutions such as schools and kindergartens rendering the town attractive in many ways.

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